December 20 - 22, 2024 Midwest's winter convention in Chicago.


CAD's special guest stars will be available during the weekend at scheduled times for autographs. Autographs of merchandise you bring or buy in the dealer's room are completely free. Some guests may also sell special autographed pictures, DVDs, CDs, comics, or more. Time may be limited, so please be early and ready with anything you want to have signed, though you may be limited to 1 or 2 items.

Autograph Rules

  • The number (or in some cases size) of items may be limited due to time constraints, and this limit may not be announced until the autograph session. Please limit yourself to a reasonable number of items to be signed.
  • Guests will only be able to sign official, licensed merchandise - not bootlegs. We hold dealers in our dealers room to the highest standards, and you won't have a problem with anything you buy in our vendors room, as you will not find bootleg merchandise in our dealers room.
  • The time to line up may be limited to the first minutes of the autograph session, and we may not allow additional people to wait in line after that time (or after a certain maximum number of people in line). We do our utmost to try to ensure everyone has the chance to get their autograph, but plan to come as early as possible to the autograph session, or prepare to possibly show up for multiple sessions if there are multiple scheduled. If we run out of time and have a significant number of people waiting and there's only one session scheduled, we will do our utmost to schedule another autograph time later on if at all possible.
  • Photographs and recordings with the guests are available only with the guest's permission. Please be kind to respect the awesome guests we have, and ask nicely. In extremely busy circumstances, photographs may not be allowed if there is not enough time, or we may ask that you wait until everyone else is finished.
  • While we try to have enough sharpies, sometimes we run out or they go missing. If you have something that needs to be autographed in a specific color, we recommend bringing it.

An convention.