December 20 - 22, 2024 Midwest's winter convention in Chicago.

Registration prices increase for CAD

We thought you’d like to know that registration prices for Con+Alt+Delete increase in just a handful of hours. By registering early, you save $5 per person.

Click here to go to the C+A+D homepage and register. Tickets are $30 until September 29th. This is a $10 discount per person off the weekend price you could end up paying if you wait until the last minute to register.

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

- Ryan Kopf

About C+A+D

C+A+D is a three-day convention focused on gaming, anime, comics, and more. We try to make CAD experimental, with new events and happenings every year as we expand and grow. CAD is meant to be a fun, inexpensive chance to cosplay and hang out with friends at the same place as your other favorite cons like Anime Midwest.

Things to do at C+A+D

Participate in tabletop card game tournaments. Play video games and compete in some fun and competitive tournaments against your friends. Watch screenings of new and old anime. Cosplay. Eat free ramen. Attend our maid cafe. And much more.

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