December 20 - 22, 2024 Midwest's winter convention in Chicago.

New Refund Policy

We have a new official refund policy for our conventions, more flexible than ever before.

Now if you can’t attend for some reason, you can get a refund up to 50 days after buying your badge up until the convention is less than 15 days away. When the convention is fewer than 15 days away (or already over) there are no refunds available.

We hope this policy will help give you more peace of mind about registering early.

May 06, 22 at 9:46am
So I haven’t seen the Covid rule until today which is fine but I went to refund my ticket because I cannot attend and now I can’t is it possible to get a refund at all?
I would like to get a refund for some weekend passes I bought back in July.
mekabeka @mekabeka We are still awaiting the status of Momosquad 723 refund. She has sent numerous emails. And there has been no response.
Dec 20, 19 at 7:04am
I had a family emergency happened and I would like to get a refund if possible I had everything set up but was wondering if possible
Oct 28, 18 at 3:19am
So you are saying after 50 days you can't get a refund at all? So I'm stuck with badges I can't use?
Nov 29, 17 at 5:14pm
Hi, id like to get a refund for a full weekend ticket. Where do i go for this
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