December 20 - 22, 2024 Midwest's winter convention in Chicago.

Anime Midwest gets Chris Patton, Frenchy and the Punk

Two new awesome guests are coming to Anime Midwest - making it even more exciting than ever.

Veteran voice actor Chris Patton will be coming, doing panels, and giving out free autographs all weekend. You probably know him as Sousuke Sagara in all the Full Metal Panic series, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood, or Asura in Soul Eater. He's done dozens of major roles, and quite a few more small ones too. Plus, Chris is a swell guy.

And then, as an exciting bonus to Steampunk fans and our Steam Powered Giraffe Concert, we are excited to present Frenchy and the Punk! I've seen them live, and they're really nice people and excellent performers. My personal favorite song is Yes I'm French... maybe it's just that I really like her voice? :D They'll be performing in our epic Anime Midwest concert series, so I hope you'll come.

Plus you get to see Steam Powered Giraffe two times.

See you soon! Don't miss the next upcoming con in Chicago, Con+Alt+Delete.
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